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Godians Fight Godians Fight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is an excellently produced animated fight scene that makes me want to see an entire story episode with character development and dialogue. (I'd like to voice a character--or more--if this goes to full production beyond this scene.) Kudos to the team who put this together. I'd give it the full five stars, if there were a more complete story being told, and it maintained this high standard of production throughout. It's like a teaser-trailer, and I can see it being effective in a crowdfunding campaign to finance this as an episodic series.

The background music is outstanding. I wish more action movies set in the present day had hard-rocking soundtracks like this. I could listen to this on its own and enjoyed the King Crimson-like guitar riffing near the end.

I look forward to seeing more from this team.

One other note: I tried visiting on two different browsers, and it's not coming up. I'm getting the "server not found" message, instead.

Smyton4tw responds:

Thank you for your comment! I actually just made this for the Godians creator since he's working on a comic for it. I asked him to give me his updated website so I can put it here.