It was a blast voicing the iconic characters of "Game of Thrones" in Jack DiMaze's brilliant cartoon parody. (Check out some of this other work.) We met through Newgrounds and hope to work together again in the future.

"Aquacreep" an RPG where I voice the main/player's character is now online at and can be downloaded as a standalone game here:

Many thanks to TheMillz for casting me in this project and kudos to my fellow cast for the outstanding work they did with their characters.

The official pilot of [Redacted], an audiodrama, is now on-line. I play Handler Marshal, a senior officer overseeing an elite team of misfits (my scene is early in the story):

The above excerpt with my V-O is from a newly released RPG, Callsign Minotaur, which can be downloaded here:


Latest audiobook now published

2017-06-30 20:51:32 by makestuff

It's official! My audiobook narration of "The Lover of Lord Eithras" is now for sale at

This story was written by my sister, Leigh Ann Hussey (1961 - 2006), which makes is extra special to me.

Another animation project where I've lent my voice for a couple of characters is now on-line at

The creator of this ambitious project did all the work on a six-year-old laptop in Cinema 4D. He wasn't familiar with Newgrounds, so I encouraged him to set up a profile here.

Audiobook of Vampire Stories

2017-03-14 19:00:03 by makestuff

For those who like vampire stories, check out my audiobook narration of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's anthology, "Through the Moon Gate & Other Tales of Vampirism" available at

Here's a review I got for my narration: "Colin Hussey's deeply emotionally layered voice and gritty writing make "Through the Moon Gateand Other Tales" engaging and luscious to listen too. I am on the edge of my seat with Jacqueline Litchtenberg's characters."

"The Kabul Incident" audiobook now released

2014-11-19 18:13:48 by makestuff

My latest audiobook narration, "The Kabul Incident" a hard-hitting military/sci-fi novella by Mat Nastos is now for sale on

(The "designates" would make great action videogame characters, BTW.

My most recent audiobook narration project is a good listen for Halloween since it's a collection of vampire stories. (I voiced all the characters and did the editing myself.)

Check out "Through the Moon Gate and Other Tales of Vampirism, Vol. 2" at Amazon: and iTunes:

You can also hear a 5 min. excerpt, here: