The official pilot of [Redacted], an audiodrama, is now on-line. I play Handler Marshal, a senior officer overseeing an elite team of misfits (my scene is early in the story):

The above excerpt with my V-O is from a newly released RPG, Callsign Minotaur, which can be downloaded here:


Latest audiobook now published

2017-06-30 20:51:32 by makestuff

It's official! My audiobook narration of "The Lover of Lord Eithras" is now for sale at

This story was written by my sister, Leigh Ann Hussey (1961 - 2006), which makes is extra special to me.

Another animation project where I've lent my voice for a couple of characters is now on-line at

The creator of this ambitious project did all the work on a six-year-old laptop in Cinema 4D. He wasn't familiar with Newgrounds, so I encouraged him to set up a profile here.

Audiobook of Vampire Stories

2017-03-14 19:00:03 by makestuff

For those who like vampire stories, check out my audiobook narration of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's anthology, "Through the Moon Gate & Other Tales of Vampirism" available at

Here's a review I got for my narration: "Colin Hussey's deeply emotionally layered voice and gritty writing make "Through the Moon Gateand Other Tales" engaging and luscious to listen too. I am on the edge of my seat with Jacqueline Litchtenberg's characters."

"The Kabul Incident" audiobook now released

2014-11-19 18:13:48 by makestuff

My latest audiobook narration, "The Kabul Incident" a hard-hitting military/sci-fi novella by Mat Nastos is now for sale on

(The "designates" would make great action videogame characters, BTW.

My most recent audiobook narration project is a good listen for Halloween since it's a collection of vampire stories. (I voiced all the characters and did the editing myself.)

Check out "Through the Moon Gate and Other Tales of Vampirism, Vol. 2" at Amazon: and iTunes:

You can also hear a 5 min. excerpt, here: